Strategy of the ARION platform

For success in launching and developing any innovative project, especially in the blockchain sphere, it is extremely important to determine a competent work strategy and today we want to tell you about the specifics of the work of our team and the ARION platform.

100% of the total portfolio will be divided into 5 equal parts, thanks to which we will minimize our and most importantly your risks. In the future, this approach will give us the opportunity to determine the most highly profitable areas, as well as the least risky ones, which in turn will allow you to independently choose a strategy depending on your personal preferences.

More on portfolio allocation:

20% -Traditional trade сryptocurrencies
20% – Algorithmic trading
20% – Sale of licenses and software
20% – Blockchain technologies
20% – ICO innovative оf companies

You can observe the results on a daily basis in your personal account. The income received will be distributed in equal parts between Arion Capital and all investors. It is thanks to this strategy that you can receive up to 300% profit per month.

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