Plans and prospects for the development of the Arion Platform

At the moment, we can proudly declare that our platform is already breaking many records, and users are earning just cosmic money, but at the same time we remember our main goals:

1. Enter the TOP of the global investment platforms
2. Open the world’s first decentralized cryptobank

And it will be more than correct to share with you our plans and notify you of all the intricacies of the process, including the difficulties we face.

Many years of hard and sometimes exhausting work await us, but as they say the goals are set, there is no turning back. We promise you that interaction with the platform will become easier and more efficient every month. In the meantime, I would like to note our plans for the near future.

1. The second stage of platform testing has begun. Right now, our traders and analysts are painstakingly doing their job to continue to provide you with a good income.
2. In the near future, we plan to add deposit / withdrawal of funds in other cryptocurrencies, mainly stable ones.
3. Our developers are preparing an update of the security system for greater safety of your funds on the platform.
4. The promo period is coming to an end. We will soon be removing the high-yield 10-day plan with 12% payout per day to stabilize and spread the process more evenly.
5. Our designers have begun to develop a new design for a personal account, as well as a website, which will allow us to compete with the big players in the market.
6. The usability of the site is simplified. In the near future, an automatic calculation of profit will be added on the site, which will simplify the drawing up of an investment plan.
7. Prototyping of the mobile application of our platform has begun, in the future, in several months, you will be able to manage all processes from your phone twice as fast.
8. A license to sell software for trading on our platform is being formed.

We also want to remind you of our affiliate program, updated presentations are already available in your personal account, and it is planned to add advertising banners in the near future.

Thank you for being with us!
With love Arion team