Testing the Arion Platform successfully completed

Congratulations to all investors and partners Platform Arion!

Testing the platform is applied completed. From today, we can confidently declare that all our promises in relation to users were executed. Many people received very impressive interest payments! What we are sincerely happy. I would also like to summarize testing and share with you current information on the further work of the project.

Test results:

1. The strategy of the platform fully justified hopes and showed its effectiveness.
2. Despite certain skepticism and distrust by some cryptoanalytics, we still were able to generate income of 300% for investors!
3. Affiliate marketing was very well received by users. Perhaps today we are the only investment company that makes it possible to build passive income without investments.
4. Fully formed team traders. Today, we are ready to handle hundreds of transactions per hour, which gives preserved a great prospect of development and guarantee for all of our investors.
5. The main wishes of users are identified and adopted in terms of simplifying work with the platform.
6. The following steps are defined in the development of not only the platform, but also the Arion investment community.

We fully fulfilled all the tasks and confidently move to the embodiment of our main goals. Ahead of all the most interesting!

A little about plans for the near future.

1. Already, our developers have begun prototyping and modeling a mobile application for investors and partners.
2. Planned a detailed update of the project. As in terms of design, and in terms of interaction with the platform.
3. Security is enhanced. In the near future, we will strengthen the protection of all accounts on the platform, as well as strengthen the protection of our website and the community in social networks.
4. It is planned to add new ways to replenish and withdraw funds, including, already we are negotiating on open cooperation with the BINANCE cryptocurrency exchange. Also in the near future will be connected to Visa and MasterCard.
5. For a more uniform distribution of the income of the platform between Arion Capital and investors, we plan to update investment offers. The percentage of payments will be slightly reduced, and the term of deposit is significantly increased.
6. Updating Affiliate Marketing. We plan to increase the percentage of remuneration for our partners.
7. The investment offer is 12% per day, no longer relevant. All who have invested in the project on this plan will receive payments until the end of the work plan, after which they can go to the main plan under 300% per month.

We also want to note that the official launch of the platform was put on June-July 2021. We want to optimize and simplify the interaction with the project, as well as to strengthen your position in the industry in the industry, after which we will be fully prepared for competition in the world arena.

Thank you for being with us!
Sincerely, ARION team