Update of the investment proposal ARION

Dear investors of the ARION platform!

We are glad to congratulate you and everyone who believed in our idea and joined the platform on the very first days of its testing. As of today, as promised, we paid all investors 300% per month. But this period of prosperity does not end, but only begins!

At the start of testing, we opened the curtain a little and told you that in the process of developing the platform, we will reduce the percentage of payments and increase the term of the deposit, in order to stabilize the distribution of income, as well as reduce the load on our algorithms. And this goal has been achieved! We have selected the most correct strategy and are ready to continue to please you with a good percentage.

Today we officially announce the completion of the investment plan at 300% per month. Everyone who has not yet received the final payment on this package, do not worry, it will still be relevant exclusively for you until it is completed. What will happen next?

Our updated offer has become even more interesting and promising!

Now you can invest at 1.7% per day, for a period of 6 months, all the same with the ability to withdraw income daily!

Our team is still working tirelessly, because our motivation lies not only in our mission, but also in the pleasure received from your results of interaction with our product!

All the fun is ahead!
Thank you very much for your trust and faith in us, Sincerely, Arion team