Official launch. Preparatory work

Dear investors and partners of the Arion Platform, we are pleased to inform you about the start of the preparatory stage before the official opening of the platform.

For 6 whole months we have been working hard to improve our product and we are sincerely grateful to you for your faith in our, perhaps the most global idea in the world of blockchain over the past few years.

Over the past two months, our team has done a tremendous job.

1. A team of professional traders with at least 5 years of experience in the crypto market was formed. At the moment, the number of active traders in our company has expanded to 100 people!
2. A serious analysis of the financial strategy of our project was done, as well as many deviations in the technical part of the platform were corrected.
3.Safety is enhanced. We have formed a group of information security specialists to provide the best modern system to protect not only the funds of all users of the platform, but also to protect personal data.
4. We started developing IOS and Android client of our product, for all users.
5. The general plan for the development of the project was updated, based on the results of testing the platform, in particular, we made a decision to slightly change the strategy of investments and trading on our platform, which in turn will give great prospects in terms of introducing new technologies into the existing ecosystem.

And finally, according to the already approved tradition, we want to tell you about the upcoming events in our project.

– Investments will get closer. A minimum deposit of $ 10 will be opened, and the maximum will be reduced to $ 1,000
– New investment plans will be added as part of our investment proposal. A feature of the plans will be in additional bonuses and a ranked affiliate program
– The strategy of the platform will become more efficient. We plan to add the ability to invest not only in ICOs, but also IDOs and IEOs, this will make it possible to reduce risks and increase the potential return on investment.
– Entrance to the Defi sector. We have studied this direction for a very long time and believe that it must be in the portfolio of every investor.
– Sale of trading software and licenses. At the moment, our software and licenses for its use are available only to our traders, we want to give the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of our product, absolutely to all users of the platform.
– Expansion of the affiliate program. New types of bonuses and their format will become even more profitable for our partners!

And this is just the beginning! Together, we will create the world’s best investment platform!
Follow the news to keep abreast of all developments on the ARION platform.
Best regards, Arion Capital team